The holidays are finally over and now you need to assess the elephant in the room. What am I gonna do with the Christmas tree? Where do I put all of the decorations? Do I save it for next year? How do I get rid of all this junk? Holiday cleaning can be stressful and time consuming. At Action Waste Services, a junk removal service in Queens, we can help you get rid of all your unwanted items. Here are some tips to get rid of your holiday junk and what to do with it.

Know what to get rid of

The first step to getting rid of your unwanted junk is figuring out what you need and don’t need. Try to organize everything so that you end with a pile of junk neatly sitting on your floor ready to go out the door. Keep in mind what junk removal services can and cannot take because there are limits to what they can dispose of, but most of the restricted items are due to potential dangers associated with them. I recommend talking to the service provider ahead of time to plan it out. 

Start with the biggest area 

Holiday cleaning can be overwhelming at first glance but once you plan out your approach, it’ll be much more streamlined than you’d expect. Start with the biggest mess in the house and work your way down. Places like the kitchen and living room would be a good starting point as they tend to have the most traffic. Focus on one room at a time so that you feel like you’re actually making progress.

Check the weather

Before scheduling your junk removal service, make sure the weather works in your favor. If you have them come in on a rainy day, it’ll make things difficult for both you and the removal team. Go for a day that’s clear and pleasant to make it easier for everybody. If unexpected weather conditions happen to land on your appointment day, try to reschedule if possible. 

Prep the area

Removing all of your holiday junk will require you to accommodate some space for the removal team to set up for disposal. You might need to move some things around your house or even move your car out to be sure everything goes smoothly. You might also need to do some additional cleaning if necessary to tidy up the house. Remember, you want the process to go smoothly with little to no issues. 

Other options to consider

You don’t have to throw away your junk if you don’t need to. Some things might be in better condition than you’d expect and would hate to see it go to waste. Here are some options for you to deal with any junk that’s actually useful.

Donate it

Have any unwanted gifts taking up space in your home? Feel free to give it away to someone who might want it. Maybe your cousin is in need of the third dyson vacuum your mom gave you this year. You also resell it to anyone interested and make some money out of it or make a simple return at the store. Don’t know anyone interested in your junk? You could always send your unwanted items to a donation center or charity. Someone will want to get their hands on it eventually.

Store away your holiday decorations for next year

If you have any decorations that are in good condition, have them stored in your basement or garage for future use. Be sure to throw out any broken or outdated items to save up on space and reduce any clutter. Be as neat and organized as possible because when the time comes to bring them out again, you might have to relive the tedious task of untangling all of the Christmas lights.

Ready to get rid of your holiday junk?

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